White River in Bali

watercolor, 18 x 26, White River

I was thinking about how much I love the ocean –
jumping in it, 
swimming in it, 
floating in it, 
being rocked by it, 
moving with the waves.

I like to imagine I am a leaf drifting slowly ashore as I gaze at the clouds. 
I love to feel the water on my skin, 
to be buoyant, 
to sink and be gently pushed 
or vigorously shoved by a wave. 
It makes me feel alive to be completely immersed in the ocean.

I was visiting Bali, staying at a beachside resort. 
My daughter and I played in the water. 
My husband and I were finding time to be together. 
My son and I walked the beach remembering our last visit to Bali. 
My mother was visiting my favorite place on earth with me. 

Bali is like Rome, Paris, Venice, 
all those European places full of art 
except it is a Hindu island culture. 
Art pervades every aspect of their lives. 

Shoreline at Crystal Bay

watercolor, 18 x 26 cm, Shoreline at Crystal Bay

The color of the water is perfect.  It was a cloudy greenish blue in this bay, changing as clouds blocked the sun, as it deepened and surrounds rocks. 

The view is from the restaurant at Crystal Bay Beach Resort. 

When I look at this painting, I see the reflection of the sky in the water. 
Or do I see a sky invading a protruding yellow mass? Saturated sand melting into water.  
The rocks which are everywhere on that beach are imagined here from a different vantage point. They remain flat as a frame for the line where sand and water meet.